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Asia University
Asia Museum of Modern Art

The world-famous architect Tadao Ando was invited by Asia University to design his first university museum in the world. Construction of the Asia University Art Museum designed by him has begun in February, 2011, with the inauguration set in late 2013.



The main body of the museum is composed of three regular triangles, which are piled up to form three stories, with each story arranged in a distinct direction and designed in a different style, forming a very eye-catching appearance.



To match the local natural environment, the building is to be constructed with fair-faced concrete preferred by Mr. Ando. It is also desired to create interesting space by the use of the three triangles; therefore, within the middle area of the three stacked triangular structures, a courtyard is created through which rain is allowed to fall directly into the building and people may see the blue sky as well.



For the design of the exterior of the building, a large amount of glass and V-shaped structural units are used, which, in addition to working as support to the over-hanging beams, offer comfortable shelters from intensive sunshine and hot weather in Taiwan.



This triangular-shaped art museum, once completed, will face the nearby Baroque dome of the Administration Building, create a sort of "confronting harmony," and become a new landmark of middle Taiwan.

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