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A Visitation from National Dali Senior High School!

A Visitation from National Dali Senior High School!---



The final year students of Dali Senior High school visit Asia University for practicing the skills of interview.




70 final year students of Dali Senior High school accompany their director of Counseling and Guidance Office, Chiung-Huei, Lin visit Asia University, Taiwan today for learning the technique of university interview. The director of Department of International Business, Wei-Chiuan, Li and the assistant professor of Department of Finance, An-Chi, Wang guide the students for doing a great interview.


Moreover, the chief Secretary of Office of Secretariat Chih-Hsien Hsu introduces the features of Asia University and encourages the students to take Asia University into consideration. After the brief introduction, the members of Dali Senior High school go around the campus, such as, library, art center, and also the landmark of the university, the statue of Rodin Auguste-The Thinker. All the students are impressed and enjoy the art atmosphere in campus.




Later on, the students start their practicing interview with the professors of Asia University. There are many departments participating in this event, such as, department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Creative Product Design, etc. They give some useful advice on the format of autobiography, study plan and the skills of oral exam. According to professor An-Chi, Wang, having a complete study plan will certainly help gain extra points during the interview and students need to be brave to show what they are good at. After all, the more good personality one shows the more impressions one would make and that is the key to enter one's ideal university.


Last but not the least, one of the students, Tz-Shiuan, Lin mentions that, the advice he has learned today is very useful and he is also very impressed by Asia University. In the future, he will certainly take Asia University into his consideration when choosing his ideal university.








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