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The Father of Viagra- Dr. Ferid Murad Develops a research with Asia University!

The Father of Viagra- Dr. Ferid Murad Develops a research with Asia University !---



The guest speaker of Asia University, Taiwan who is known as the Father of Viagra- Dr. Ferid Murad will undergo a research with the university, hoping to gain Nobel Prize again.




The Father of Viagra- Dr. Ferid Murad came to Asia University, Taiwan yesterday (23th) as the honor guest speaker. He indicated that the research, the university is developing can refine nitric oxide and it happens to match his current major researches. Therefore, he hopes to corporate with Asia University for developing a new medicine for diarrhea.


The research team of Min-Min Lee, assistant professor of department of Health and Nutrition Biotechnology brings out two important investigations, one is TCM Pharmacology and the other is TCM Database. Her researches mainly focus on apoplexy, safety of Chinese herbal medicine, etc. She gives a series of DVD date base of Chinese herbal medicine to Dr. Ferid Murad as a present and hope it will be useful for his study.


Dr. Ferid Murad wished to win the Nobel Prize when he was young; he said that the tips for reaching this dream are not only hard working but also depending on the fortune. He spends most of his time studying the cure for cancer, comparing with the past; nowadays the information and resource for cancer have improved a lot. Furthermore, Dr. Ferid Murad points out the main problem for developing the stem cell is the money. It cost a lot for undergo this kind of investigation, for example, in America, it cost $3,000 US per day to analysis stem cell.


Moreover, Dr. Ferid Murad has started to investigate diarrhea since 1970, according to data most of the victims who die in this disease are children and old people. As a result it will be very helpful if he can find out the cure for this illness. The former president of Taipei Medical University, Chung Y. Hsu mentions that this new research might help Dr. Ferid Murad win his second Nobel Prize.


諾貝爾獎得主穆拉德(Ferid Murad)博士與亞洲大學學有專精教授們學術交流。

圖說:諾貝爾獎得主穆拉德(Ferid Murad)博士與亞洲大學學有專精教授們學術交流。

諾貝爾獎得主穆拉德(Ferid Murad)博士與亞洲大學張紘炬校長相談甚歡。

圖說:諾貝爾獎得主穆拉德(Ferid Murad)博士與亞洲大學張紘炬校長相談甚歡。

諾貝爾獎得主穆拉德(Ferid Murad)博士與亞洲大學教授合影。

圖說:諾貝爾獎得主穆拉德(Ferid Murad)博士與亞洲大學教授合影。

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