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High Internationalization

      Internationalization is a major goal of development of Asia University, and there are many achievements so far, as described in the following.

  1   We promote academic exchanges with great effort, and ally with about fifty universities in the world ---

The sister universities come from the USA, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Mainland China, and so on, as listed in <List of sister universities of Asia University>.

  2   Asia University leads Taiwan's universities to establish "All-English international master degree programs" ---
    The programs include areas of healthcare administration, information and networking technology, biotechnology and bioinformatics, and  business administration. "All-English" means that the courses in the programs are all taught in English. Many foreign students have got their degrees and returned to their countries.
  3   We cooperate with several international universities to offer dual degrees ---
    We have allied with the University of Texas at Austin to offer dual master's degrees. And there are students who have obtained degrees from this university and from Asia University. Tulane University and California University at San Bernardino are also considering to join this cooperation program.
  4   American students come to Asia University to take courses ---
    Students from Tulane University come here every year to take healthcare policy management courses, and starting from 2007, students from several universities in the US including Harvard join the Elite American Youth Leader Camp held by Asia University in the summer break every year.
  5   Asia University holds many international well-known conferences ---
    In the past six years, Asia University has been the host of about a dozen of famous international conferences, including five IEEE ones, which allow students and faculty members in this university to have better chances to conduct international academic exchanges.
  6   We invite frequently international scholars as visiting or regular professors ---
    There are many scholars and professors from foreign countries in Asia University. They are mostly distinguished, and appointed as chair or honorary professors. This promotes greatly the international exchange experiences of this university.
  7   Asia University creates many opportunities for students to visit foreign countries ---
    International exchanges for students include summer visits, international research, dual-degree studies, year-long stays, etc. These activities are mostly through cooperation with our sister universities, and they broaden the global views of the students.
  8   We try hard to establish international community in campus ---
    Asia University has established English Corner, International Language Center, International Student Club, etc. to provide foreign students a better community for their stays and studies here. We also offer each foreign student a scholarship, in addition to opportunities of working as teaching and research assistants.
  9   Asia University sets up special regulations to promote faculty members' overseas researches or studies ---
    Many of our faculty members are now in foreign countries, conducting cooperative researches and Ph. D. degree studies. These activities increase the international exposure of Asia university, and our faculty's understanding of world-famous universities.

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