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Novel Teaching Strategies

      Being evaluated by the Ministry of Education as a "University of Teaching Excellency" for eight consecutive years, Asia University (AU) has carried out the following distinct strategies of teaching, which are not found in other universities.

  1   Cultivating students with three noble characteristics and willingness to serve people ---

The three noble characteristics which AU tries to cultivate students to possess are: 1) behaving with morality, 2) working with good quality, and 3) living a life with tastes. Also, AU is devoted to become a "University of volunteers" by trying to teach all students to become volunteers for social works. For this purpose, AU offers the so-called "learning-to-serve" courses to students, asking them to practice services in  campus and neighboring communities before graduation.

  2   Creating a university with four types of creativities ---
    The four types of creativities AU tries to create in campus by any means of education are: 1) creativity possessed by the students, 2) innovativeness in teaching conducted by the professors, 3) originality in the development of the campus environment, and 4) entrepreneurship instilled into the university graduates.
  3   Teaching students to understand "learning" from five aspects ---
    The five aspects are: finding out the merit of learning, determining to learn in depth, enjoying the happiness of learning, developing capabilities from learned knowledge, and being willing to conduct lifelong learning.
  4   Enriching professors' teaching from six "e-ways" ---
    The six "e-ways" are: 1) teaching students to behave by good examples, 2) explaining the meaning of morality to students to stimulate students to think and differentiate, 3) exhorting each student to carry out moral virtues in his/her life, 4) shaping students' behaviors by good environment, 5) creating opportunity for students to experience and introspect, and 6) expressing positive expectation of students' success in the future.
  5   Establishing a campus giving students seven folds of well-being ---
    The seven folds of well-being are: 1) good food, 2) good sleep; 3) good exercise; 4) good work, 5)good amusement, 6) good love; and 7) good soul.

(Encouraging creative thinking in classrooms)         

(2015-07-07 updated)


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