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Events and Activities





Events & Activities

Dormitory Service Section 2015/7/3-7/4   Taipei, Ilan 103-2 Dormitory Leaders Guidance Activities
Service Learning Section 2015/7/1-7/10   Asia University、Outside school 103-2 Youth Volunteer Service Workshop
Chong Young De Club 2015/7/1-7/3   Qing Shui Elementary in Taichung Primary School Summer Camp
Dormitory Service Section 2015/6/9-6/10   I107 Making Sachet
Sanitation and Health Section 2015/4/30-6/4   Gym, M217 Weight control classes
Sanitation and Health Section 2015/5/30   M004 103-2 Care and Prevention of Sports Injuries Course
Painting Club 2015/5/18-29   Center of Arts 103-2 Art Exhibition
Tzu-ching Club 2015/5/13   M001 103-2 Tzu-ching Week
Café CLUB 2015/5/11-13   Library Café Aera Special Café
Fashion Design Department Association 2015/5/6-12   Administration Building and Library 2F Gallery Share Your(own) Lifestyle
Business Administration Department Association 2015/5/6   Asia Campus Running Man
Sanitation and Health Section 2015/5/6   Asia Campus 103-2 Exercise Walking
Computer Science and Information Engineering Department Association 2015/5/4-8   Computer Science Building 1F Waffle Day
Health and Nutrition Biotechnology Department Association 2015/5/4-22   Asia Campus Happier
Micro Film Club 2015/5/2   Taichung Municipal Kuangfu Junior High And El “Warm-heart” Mother’s Day
Dormitory Service Section 2015/4/9-6/4   Gym Yoga Time
Counseling Center 2015/3/23-6/11   M006、M104 103-2 Counseling Center Workshop
Fashion Design Department Association 2015/4/29-30   Asia Campus Project Runway
Library 2015/4/27-5/1 9:00-16:00 Library Library activities
Tzu-ching Club 2015/4/12   Asia Campus Tzu-ching running man
BBD Club 2015/4/10-12   National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology 21st Free your soul
Foreign Languages and Literature Department Association 2015/4/9   Asia Campus 103-2 Easter
Guidance and Counseling Section 2015/4/8   Asia Campus The date with president
Financial and Economic Law Department Association 2015/4/1   Asia Campus Easter, finding Egg
Computer Science and Information Engineering Department Association, Early Childhood Education Department Association, and Digital Media Design Department Association 2015/3/29   Asia Campus 103-2 Run
ACG Club 2015/3/17   I306 103-2 Opening of the General Assembly
Rock Music Club 2015/3/12   Show Time Square 103-2 Opening of the General Assembly
Guidance and Counseling Section 2015/3/11-3/12   M001 103-2 Class Cadre Training
Computer Science and Information Engineering Department Association 2015/3/11   M001 103-2 Beginning Term Departmental Meeting
Health and Nutrition Biotechnology Department Association 2015/3/11   Barbecue A Area and Barbecue B Area 103-2 Beginning Term Departmental Meeting
Tzu-ching Club 2015/3/11   Basement of Third Dormitory 103-2 Opening of the General Assembly
International Standard Social Dance Club 2015/3/10   Gym 103-2 Welcoming Party
Library 2015/3/9-2015/6/30 Mon.-Fri. 8:00-22:00 Sat.-Sun 9:30-17:30 Library 2F Light novel & Comic Fair
Morningstar Club 2015/3/2   Shu-zen Church 103-2 Gospel Meetings
Military Training Education Office 2015/2/27-3/31   Asia Campus 103-2 Traffic Safety Awareness Month
International College 2015/02/10 12:00~13:00 Wufeng Annual Banquet
Student Union 2015/01/14   Basement of the 3rd Dormitory 103-1 Societies Final Assembly
Green Kong-Fu Club 2015/01/10-11   H322 103-1 artistic feast – 11th artists Implementing camp
Singing Study Club 2015/01/06   Lawn of Health Science Building “Sing about it ek” Concert
Rover group  2015/01/03-04   Si De Elementary School  10th Si De Elementary School Winter Camp 

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