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2011-09-23 推文至Plurk 推文至Twitter 推文至Facebook

A Nobel Prize Winner Has a Forum with AU again!---

A Nobel laureate in Physiology and Medicine and “the father of Viagra,” Dr. Ferid Murad, came to Asi


A Nobel laureate in Physiology and Medicine and “the father of Viagra,” Dr. Ferid Murad, came to Asia University (AU) and gave a talk on September 19 in a forum there. Also being an Honorary Professor of AU, Dr. Murad talked about his life-long endeavor in research, and had enthusiastic interactions with the audience in the forum. Dr. Murad encouraged them to believe in their dreams and insist on pursuing them. When he was twelve years old, as Dr. Murad said, he has set up the goal of his life: to be a scientist, doctor, and pharmacist. Now, he has made his dream come true and got the Nobel Prize. His next goal is to win the second Nobel Prize!

This forum was co-hosted by the President of AU, Dr. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, and the CEO of Chinese Medicine University, Chung-Yi Hsu. Other panelists of the forum included the Director of the Language Education Center, Shu-Juan Chen, a student from the Department of Leisure and Recreation Management, Yue-Hong Zhou, an Indonesian student from the Department of Business Administration, Martin Flemming Panggabean, and a domestic Ph. D. student from the same department, Zheng-Xing Chen. In addition, AU also invited more than 80 teachers and students from National Yuanling Senior High School and from AU to attend this forum.


The forum was started with a self-introduction video of three minutes long about Dr. Murad. In this video, he said that he decided to become a scientist, doctor, and pharmacist when he was young. He won the Nobel Prize in 1998 and still keeps his passion and curiosity about everything. He loves to pursue the truth and focus on studying and teaching.


Director Chen asked Dr. Murad about how to motivate students to be interested in learning and how to take care of his family when he acts as a teacher, professor, and scholar. He answered that motivation, environment, and teacher are all the crucial factors, but the most important is to enjoy his study. He said that he appreciates many outstanding people he has met along his way to fulfilling his dream. Also, he felt very lucky to have a good wife who can take care of their children and family.


A student from the Department of Leisure and Recreation Management, Zho-Yue Hong, asked Dr. Murad if he had ever been frustrated when he was doing research. Dr. Murad answered that not all researches will yield good results, and the joy of scientific research is to look for answers all the time. He also said that there are always difficulties and frustrations, but the key point is how to transfer these difficulties into motivations.


A sophomore from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Shi-Han Wan, asked Dr. Murad about how to get balance on time allocation between academic study and other activities. Dr. Murad answered that while being young, he got to know from one of his teachers that only 50% of what they learned in class is correct. Unfortunately, the teacher could not tell what was right and what was wrong, said Dr. Murad. “Only by focusing on what we learned can we make more progress,” said he also.


A student from the Department of Finance, Ya-Wen Zhang, asked Dr. Murad about how to resolve funding difficulties when doing research. Dr. Murad said that many government units, foundations, and research institutions in the United States can provide research funds. “However, we will never have enough money and will never have too much money,” said Dr. Murad.


On the site of the forum, President Tsai, on behalf of AU, received a new book about nitrogen monoxide written by Dr. Murad. The atmosphere in the forum was quite happy, and at the end of the meeting every participant left with a deep feeling of the wisdom of an outstanding world-class scholar!


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