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New Buildings --- Asia University

Award-winning records of Asia University (AU) scenic campus ---



1. The AU-affiliated "Asia Museum of Modern Art" designed by the world-renown architect Sadao Ando was elected in a 2013 web-based polling as one of the "10 most pretty campus scenes in Taiwan."

2. The garden-like campus of AU was ranked in 2013 by "UI Green Metric World University Ranking" as the 41th best green campus in the world, and the 2nd best in Taiwan.

3. The AU buildings of classic Roman-Greek style won a "2009 National Award of Construction Excellency."

4. The elegant campus of AU was elected in 2015 by the famous website of "Daily View" (called "Network Thermometer" in Chinese) as one of the "Ten Most Scenic University Campuses" in Taiwan. 

5. The beautiful and flowery AU campus was elected in 2017 by the Storm Media as one the "Nine Prettiest Universities" in Taiwan. 


Administration Building --- Asia University  

Gymnasium --- Asia University

Administration Building  -- like a palace in Europe


Gymnasium  -- like the Colosseum in Rome, Italy




Art Gallery --- Asia University  

wedding gown picture --- Asia University

Asia Museum of Modern Art -- The building was designed by renown Japanese architect Tadao Ando and constructed under his supervision


Wedding gown photographing at AU -- AU has become a famous spot for wedding-gown, commercial-AD, idol-drama, & movie photographing.

(2021-05-29 updated)

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