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Campus Life --- Overview

  Campus life at Asia University is colorful!. You will have numerous touching moments during your study here. There are buildings with elegant architectures to see, scenic lakes and gardens to stroll, artistic statues around to appreciate, art centers and libraries to visit, many student clubs to join, food courts to select, and so on.




1   Scenic campus ¾ There are so manyTaiji Lake in AU campuselegant Roman-Greek architectures,picturesque lakes and gardens, scenic campus sites, green building courts, and so on in the campus. Actually, Asia University has been ranked the 28th best Phoenix_is_coming_(by_Yu_Yu_Yang)green university in the world in 2013, and has received a National Real-estate Excellence Award in 2008 because of the outstanding campus and building designs. The entire campus is like a green harmonic artistic masterpiece!
2   Artistic atmosphere ¾ Asia University has an Art Center where irregular andinvited exhibitions of art works and paintings are held all the year, as well as an Art Museum designed by the world-famous architect TadaoAndo where regular exhibitions of artworks are heldAU art museum by Ando (to be opened on Oct. 2013). There are also lots of large-sized artworks distributed over everywhere in the campus. The most famous one is "the Thinker" by Rodin in the middle of the great hall of the palace-like Administration Building.
3   Numerous sports and Asia University Gymnasiumrecreation equipments ¾  Asia University has built a Colosseum-shaped gymnasium where various sports equipments and fields are provided. In addition, there are many Asia University Gymtreadmills in the dormitories for daily exercises. Sports clubs are also active and many activities are held regularly.
4   Good accommodation and food services ¾ All foreign students are guaranteed to live in dormitories which are new with good study space and recreation equipment. There is a big food court with many food stands and shops for your choices at lunch and dinner times. There are also several 24-hour convenient stores in or near campus which you can depend to live your life! Finally, near the campus there also many food courts and restaurants.
5   Library hallConvenient libraries and computer networks ¾ Besides the local libraries distributed inthe department buildings, the University Library is located in Administration _Building where University Library is locatedthe elegant Administration Building and is decorated with many famous artists' works. Study in the space is sort of enjoyment! Also, Internet accessibility is everywhere in the campus.
6   International living area for special needs ¾ To provide more Exterior Space of International Living Areaconvenient living environments to students from foreign countries, an "International Living Area" consisting of a multi-cultural exhibition room, anKitchen of International Living Areainternational students' kitchen, and an openexterior covered space for activities has been established.
7   Colorful student clubs ¾ There areCheer Squad Clubnearly 100 student clubs for your choice. Regular activities are held by the clubs, in addition to irregular ones offered by the International College and the departments. ManyTae Kwon Do Clubculture-exploring tours are offered during the semester times which you are invited to join all the time.
8   Parent Greeting Phone-Calling Center ¾ The center was set up Parents Greeting Phone-calling Centeruniquely by Asia University for students to greet parents by free phone calls offered by the center. This activity aims to promote the Chinese merits ofParents Greeting Phone-calling Centergreeting one's parents in each day's morning and evening, advocated by ancient Chinese people.




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