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Calendar of Academic Year 2020-2021

Revised on May 31, 2021


Calendar of Last Year

Calendar of Academic Year 2020-2021


Aug. 1 Fall Semester Begins
Aug. 15 Work Day (Freshmen Campus Tour for Domestic Students)


Sept. 6 Power shutdown- Maintenance day

Sept. 14-18

Freshmen Orientation

Sept. 21 Class Begins

Sept. 21-29

Add & Drop Courses Period

Sept. 26

Work day (to make up a day-off on Oct. 2nd)


Oct. 1-2 Moon Festival on the 1st, bridge holiday on the 2nd

Oct. 9-10

National Day on the 10th; National Day Observed on the 9th


Nov. 15-21

Midterm Exam

Nov. 30

Midterm Grades Due


Dec. 25 Constitution Day / Christmas Day (Regular working day)


Jan. 1

New Year's Holiday

Jan. 17-23

Final Exam

Jan. 29 Final Grades Due
Jan. 31 Due Date of Oral Defense for Graduate Students


Feb. 1 Spring Semester Begins
Feb. 5 Transcript Delivery

Feb. 5

Deadline of Registration for All Students

Feb. 7

Power shutdown- Maintenance day

Feb. 10-16

Chinese New Year Holiday

Feb. 17 Due Date of Thesis Upload for Graduate Students

Feb. 20

Work day (to make up a day-off on Feb. 10th)

Feb. 22 Class Begins
Feb. 22 - Mar. 2 Add & Drop Courses Period
Feb. 28- Mar 1 Peace Memorial Day


Mar. 1-31

Twentieth Anniversary, Asia University

Mar. 13

Sports day (Twentieth Anniversary)

Mar. 20

Work day (Parent-Teacher Conference)


April 2-5

Holiday (Children's Day and Tomb Sweeping Festival)

April 10

Work day (Admission Information Session)

April 18-24

Midterm Exam


May 3

Midterm Grades Due

May 23-29 Final Exam for Graduation Class


June 5 Commencement
June 7 Final Grades due for Graduation Class

June 7-11

Course Enrollment for Existing Students

June 14 Dragon Boat Festival

June 20-26

Final Exam


July 2

Final Grades Due

July 9

Transcript Delivery

July 31

Due Date of Oral Defense for Graduate Students


Aug. 16

Due Date of Thesis Upload for Graduate Students


(2021-06-01 updated)


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