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2023-05-03 推文至Plurk 推文至Twitter 推文至Facebook

Asia University organizes the "2023 Cross-Disciplinary Autonomous Learning Day" to cultivate students’ cross-disciplinary abilities.---

President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai encourages students to make good use of the advantages of cross-disciplinary learning to enhance their future employability and competitiveness in the job market.

President Tsai of Asia University stating that in the era of AI, the most important thing is to cultivate interdisciplinary expertise. He encourages students to make full use of the advantages of interdisciplinary learning and enhance their future employability.

 Asia University's "2023 Cross-Disciplinary Autonomous Learning Day" event took place on the May 3rd in front of Rodin Square for three days, attracting a large number of students to participate and learn. President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai emphasized the importance of cultivating cross-disciplinary expertise in the AI era. Students are encouraged to make the most of the advantages of cross-disciplinary learning, such as participating in the university's pioneering "Leadership Empowerment Program" through student clubs to earn credits, and linking long-term care with artificial intelligence through the "Long-Term Care Artificial Intelligence Application Program," all of which can enhance future employability.

President Tsai of Asia University (second from the right) accompanied by Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs Ta-Cheng Chen (first from the right) visiting a booth to learn about the unique features of Asia University's pioneering "Leadership Empowerment Program."

  President Tsai first asked the students, "Have you used ChatGPT?" Everyone responded in unison, "Yes!" This made President Tsai nod approvingly and say with a smile, "Everyone has kept up with AI." The year 2023 can be considered the era of AI and artificial intelligence explosion. However, as AI technology continues to advance, many people are concerned that AI will take away human jobs. The World Economic Forum (WEF) stated in its Future of Jobs Report that AI currently performs 30% of global job tasks and is projected to exceed 50% by 2025. Oxford University research suggests that within the next 10 years, 47% of jobs could be replaced by AI. Technology giant IBM has also announced a halt in recruiting for 7,800 positions, considering that AI can replace them in the future.

   President Tsai mentioned that Asia University actively promotes "autonomous learning" and "cross-disciplinary learning" by offering 17 interdisciplinary programs within the university and collaborating with China Medical University to offer four cross-disciplinary programs as part of the "China-Asia Associated University," totaling 21 programs in total, providing students with a more diverse range of choices. Examples of newly added programs in the 110 and 111 academic years include topics such as net-zero carbon emissions, NFT digital art, and cloud-based health, all of which align with the current needs for talent.

Asia University held the “2023 Cross-Disciplinary Autonomous Learning Day" in front of Rodin Square, attracting a large number of students to participate and engage in self-directed learning.

  Particularly noteworthy is the upcoming "Leadership Empowerment Program" to be launched in the 112 academic year, which allows students to earn credits for participating in student clubs. This program enables students to learn professional planning, club management capabilities, and the development of club branding, while also shaping their personal brand and working towards becoming project managers. The "Long-Term Care Artificial Intelligence Application Program" connects long-term care with artificial intelligence, starting from the community-based elderly care scene, to cultivate long-term care professionals with a combination of humanistic care innovation and the application of intelligent technology.

   President Tsai visited each booth to understand the features and achievements showcased by each program. He also inquired about students' majors and their interests in cross-disciplinary learning projects, encouraging them to participate more and enrich their university life, becoming talents that cannot be replaced in the AI era.

At Asia University's “2023 Cross-Disciplinary Autonomous Learning Day" event, President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai (sixth from the right) and Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs Ta-Cheng Chen (fifth from the right) took a group photo with participating teachers.



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