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Asia University CIS

The Green Cross at the center of the Insignia stands for "College of Medical and Health Science" and "College of Nursing".
The Quill Pen is a symbol of "College of Humanities and Social Sciences," and it also refers to the educational goal of "Asia Management College," which strives to enhance the professional acumen of its students in both intellectual and ethical development.
The CD represents "College of Information and Electrical Engineering," and it symbolizes a vibrant integration of technology and resources within the university.
The blue laurel leaves represent "College of Creative Design". Laurel leaves refer to victory and glory in Greco-Roman period. The goals of this College are to nurture the professional designers in the Cultural Creative Industry, and to bring new talent to win an honorable victory for Taiwan’s competitive power.
The Gable, Pillars, Portico represent our campus design: the characteristics of the Greek and Romanesque architectures, such as Ionic, Corinthian, and Doric pillars. All in all, our ultimate aim in campus design is to develop a “Garden University” with evergreen shrubs and seasonal flowers.

University Motto

having good habits to promote physical, mental and psychological health
caring for oneself, for the society, and for the world
pursuing originality with creative abilities to seek innovation, change and adaptability
seeking self-breakthrough, learning for life, and responding to social changes

View of the entrance of the school at 2001
View of the entrance of the school at 2001

Founding History

In 1998, the trustees started to search for a suitable location for the university. After much research and surveys, they decided on the site in Wufeng, Taichung. Wufeng is where the provincial council used to hold its meetings. It is on a convenient location, with beautiful scenery, and rich in cultural atmosphere, which are ideal for centers of higher learning . In October of 1999, the preparatory office of Taichung Healthcare and Management University officially began operations. In March of 2001, the Ministry of Education approved the university’s legal status. After four years of hard work and strenuous effort, Taichung Healthcare and Management University was renamed Asia University since August 1, 2005, as approved by the Ministry of Education.


Memorial Statue of Founder Lin

Main Education Goal

Cultivating global citizens who possess both professional and humanistic qualities, as well as good characters and attitudes, and who can pursue and practice the values of health, care, innovation and excellence.

Memorial Statue of Founder Lin
Unveiling ceremony of upgrade to university
Unveiling ceremony of upgrade to university

Mission Statement

To establish a comprehensive university worthy of international acclaim and dedicated to humane compassion and teaching & research excellence

University Song

The university song was composed by the well-known performer Jie-Cheng Tsai, and the lyrics were written by the founder, Chang-Hai Tsai, and was adopted from the founding of the school in 1990. The song is based on the location of the university, and it expresses the founding philosophy of the university, which is to become a first-class comprehensive university in the world.


Unveiling ceremony of upgrade to university
Unveiling ceremony of upgrade to university

Former President

A building does not rise in a single day, and its majesty is built brick by brick.
The uncompromising efforts of our former presidents have laid the foundation for the University and are the greatest contributors to its current splendor.